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PSS Global Technologies in a Nutshell

PSS Global Technologies is a leading IT consulting company in USA. With our technical expertise, we change business landscapes through intelligent use of technology. We are managed by a strong team brings decades of experience in business, process and domains.

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Our Solutions

PSS Global Technologies's strong Research & Development culture has resulted in generic platforms and solutions that can be customized for customers from different domains.

Service Offerings

PSS Global Technologies's offers broad-based service offerings covering a range of technologies. Our refined service delivery methodology enables us to deliver quality service within budgetary and time constraints.

Industry Focus

PSS Global Technologies's team of domain and technical experts understand business problems and develop innovative technology solutions. We cater to clients from a broad range of domains.


PSS Global Technologies is a first mover in creating native and cross-platform Mobile solutions. We have developed “Chameleon” – Mobile Enablement Application platform which enables us to provide domain, platform and database agnostic mobile solutions. Whether “Mobile enablement” of existing applications or creating new applications, Chameleon drastically reduces the development time and has a positive effect on cost and time reductions.


PSS Global Technologies has created powerful conferencing platforms to enable users to transcend the limitations of time and space. Our comprehensive platform contains tools to recreate real-time interaction between geographically dispersed people. The users can conduct Meetings, Webinars, Web conferences, Training and Consultations using these platforms. It enables Real Time Video Conferencing, Multimedia content Sharing, Full-featured Whiteboard with Co-viewing and Co-annotation and survey engines.


PSS Global Technologies has developed interface engine is capable of integrating structure and unstructured data. Using powerful APIs, the platform can integrate multiple data sources to produce generic output that can be consumed by any database. This interface engine complies with data compliance standards like PCI, DSS, HL7 and HIPAA. The engine consists of components to transform, encrypt and route data from one data source to another.

What differentiates us from our competition?

  • Management Bandwidth & Experience
  • Successful Engagements and Satisfied Customers
  • Homegrown Platforms & Solutions
  • Strong Research & Development Culture
  • Assured Business Continuity

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