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PSS Global Technologies provides exemplary IT Services

PSS Global Technologies's broad range of services covers the whole spectrum of technology. We optimize your IT landscape through our professional services. Our application development, maintenance and testing services cover new and existing technologies.

IT Consulting

We, at PSS Global Technologies, provide professional consulting solutions for the technological needs of virtually every industry sector. Our professionals empowered with decades of domain and technical knowledge can assist you in redefining technology landscapes. We help clients to realize their business value through optimized IT investments.

Functional Areas

  • Domain
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Infrastructure

Application Development & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive Application Development and Maintenance Services that covers the whole spectrum of development, implementation and ongoing maintenance. Our refined service delivery model ensures quality delivery within time and cost budgets. We pursue new and existing applications across a variety of platforms and technologies.

Technical Competence

  • Microsoft .NET
  • LAMP
  • JAVA, J2EE, J#, JSP
  • Oracle
  • Cloud (Amazon, Azure)
  • Mongo

Product Lifecycle Management

Our Product Life Cycle Management Services empowers clients to convert ideas into tangible products. Our mature product lifecycle process ensures that we are in complete control of product development from concept to retirement. We assist clients to monetize their innovations faster, by offering solutions for rapid prototyping, speedy productization, localization & globalization and quality management.


  • Prototyping
  • RAD
  • Agile


We provide mission-critical software testing services to global customers. Our refined process ensures adherence to international standards. Our transparent functioning and flexible delivery models guarantees most effective and efficient testing services. Our software testing and QA services ensure savings on time & cost and ensures quality delivery to their end customers.


  • Project/Bespoke
  • On Demand/Ad-hoc
  • Quality & Testing Consultancy
  • Managed Test Services

User Experience

Our PSS Global Technologies UX/UI teams specialize in enhanced User Experience through pleasing, functional and professional User interfaces. Our creative artists develop UI frameworks that are intuitive layouts, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. Our superior designs are based on contemporary international standards appealing to a global customer base.


  • UI Frameworks
  • Prototypes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Websites Design
  • Banners


We are committed to exploitation of information in organisations. Our experienced consultants can expand organisations' capacity to collect, store, extract, cleanse, transform, aggregate and analyse data. We endeavour to bring new meaning to clients' data. We ensure all analysis results in an optimized, value-adding action that improves business efficiencies, decreases cost and maximizes profitability.


  • Collect
  • Analyze
  • Strategize
  • Act

Providing End-to-End Services

PSS Global Technologies's broad range of services covers the whole spectrum of technology. Our refined delivery model ensure service delivery within time and budget, and optimized to exceed customer expectations.

Our Clients

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